Product Unit Price

BusinessCards MX BusinessCards MX
(delivery: license key sent by email)
29.95 USD Buy Now!

BusinessCards MX BusinessCards MX (with 1100 templates)
(delivery: license key,download or optional CD)
39.95 USD Buy Now!

Payment and order-related support

If you have any payment or order-related inquiries,
feel free to contact cleverbridge Customer Support

Technical and product-related support

If you have any technical or product-related inquiries,
you may contact Mojosoft using the following email:

Registration Process

Once you've purchased BusinessCards MX and received your registration key,
you need to register your copy of the program.

Please follow the instructions below:

* Run the program.
* Go to the 'Help' menu.
* Select 'Register'.
* Enter the registration data provided to you.
* Press a 'Register' button.
* Run BusinessCards MX again.